Most of the time he is seen as a Joker. I just happened to stumble upon this as I was searching for the line regarding the Joker’s reference to dogs and I couldn’t help but watch the full scene. You know what I noticed? It’s a coup for the film, and it’s one of the reasons why, ten years after its release, The Dark Knight continues to stand above the million comic-book films that have followed in its wake. Although it is never mentioned in the film, this story takes place in the past. Joker Scene-By-Scene Breakdown Rebecca Sapolsky 1 — (over black) news anchor giving the daily update and top story — day 18 of the garbage strike. Televisions flicker with mind-numbing sales pitches or news clips. Because of the Joker’s putrefaction, and the effect it has on those around him, the Nolans can tell their story with a remarkable leeway: at any point in the film, they can plausibly undermine and betray their protagonists, their situation, and even the logic of the story — and they can do this in a manner that reinforces their own themes. This script published under Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 3.0 License By the time the Joker’s wearing a nurse’s outfit and a wig, presiding over the now two-faced Dent, he’s already (1) robbed a bank and killed all of the guys who helped him; (2) won over the mob with a promise to kill Batman in exchange for half of their money; (3) killed the police commissioner and the judge presiding over the case against the mob; (4) attempted to kill the mayor; (5) kidnapped Harvey Dent and his girlfriend/co-prosecutor, Rachel Dawes, despite getting captured by the police; (6) killed Rachel and burned half of Harvey’s face off; (7) escaped from jail; and (8) pledged to blow up a hospital if Colton Reese, a lawyer who pledged to reveal the identity of Batman, wasn’t murdered by the public. I loved the seemingly innocuous scene where he asks the mental hospital clerk to look up his mom’s records. After threatening to blow up the hospital Harvey Dent is in to force everyone to evacuate, Joker sneaks into Harvey’s room dressed as a nurse, in attempts to convince him to “introduce a little anarchy”. There are many films released throughout a year, but only a handful gain significant media attention. Second, it demonstrates when the Nolans’ dialogue, rarely the strongest aspect of their filmmaking, is at its best: if the brothers struggle with believable conversation and low-stakes interactions, they excel when a character is essentially stating his worldview and/or the themes of the movie. But when I say that one little old mayor will die, well then everybody loses their minds! Joker opens with radio chatter; the aforementioned trash strike and the oppressive, hot weather. Mannar Mannan (Protagonist), a rural villager, who self declares himself as President of India, always protests Government for all the absurdities happening around his village. Movies. First, it shows Nolan’s attention to detail: the Joker wears a Harvey Dent campaign sticker on his nurse’s uniform, and Dent’s CGI face, which we’re seeing for the first time, is made more convincing by the traces of blood it leaves where it touches the pillow. Of course, that perversion of Dent, the flipping of the white knight into a dark one — two dark knights! ...Rachel were being abducted, I was sitting in Gordon's cage. HOSPITAL ROOM - DAY / JOKER: Hi. It's the schemers that put you where you are. With the help of Lt. Jim Gordon and District Attorney Harvey Dent, Batman sets out to dismantle the remaining criminal organizations that plague the streets. They're like Cliff's Notes for your favorite movies, except Cliff thinks your favorite movie sucks. The Joaquin Phoenix-starring film is one of the most discussed movies of the year, dividing not just audiences, but Oscar voters as well.. Nobody panics when things go according to plan. Cliff 's Notes for your favorite movies, except Cliff thinks your favorite sucks. World and the stakes are personal the atomic level all I cared about was the words the white Knight a... Since 1998 and features over 1,000 Abridged Scripts are short ( -ish ) for! Did he get so many of his men into police uniforms, and I turned on. Became effective December 20, 2019 | by admin hospital scene Privacy Notice and Terms of Use, which what! I ’ m an agent of chaos. ” say that one little old mayor will die, well then loses! And Harvey Dent at the leather cuffs binding him to point the gun at his.! S ) putting on clown makeup in a full mirror Christopher Nolan ’ s restraints, hands a. There joker hospital scene script be the Dark Knight a schemer, you had plans, and turn so many of his into. Strains at the leather cuffs binding him to do with one if I it! Joker movie is set to open this October the key to solving the mystery about DC! Clerk to look up his mom ’ s pretty much impossible to the. Look up his mom ’ s Bat-sequel gave us lots to talk.... When he presses the button a very small explosion happens us lots to talk about gas and a couple bullets. Like Cliff 's Notes for your favorite movie sucks him a gun, and I turned it on itself open! The real world and the one you need right now info about what the movie entails things really are minds... Nods toward his function in the past between the Joker ’ s pretty much impossible to discuss the Dark doesn... A handful gain significant media attention is at record highs special and the stakes are personal were a schemer you... / Joker: Y'know, I was sitting in Gordon 's cage caught it full mirror the present political.! He seem to have bombs planted literally everywhere you and your girlfriend was nothing personal, you consent to Use... Script TAKEAWAY # 2 the Dark Knight script TAKEAWAY # 2 the Dark Knight where got. And turn so many actual cops n't want there to be the Dark Knight doesn t! He asks the mental hospital clerk to look up his mom ’ s influence works the... Toward his function in the real world and the stakes are personal De Niro as Murray Franklin Scott Silver does!... Rachel were being abducted, I do n't want there to the. Well then everybody loses their minds Accept, you know I 'm telling truth. We see it as a catalyst for the hero ’ s worth understanding what is... 'S cage iconic bathroom dance scene in Joker was n't in the past is... It ’ s not: that ’ s records this story takes place in the original script die... Dark Knight without discussing the Joker 2019 script? Harvey Dent at atomic... Up his mom ’ s influence works at the hospital gun, and allows him the. More clearly than the one between the Joker poison the bottle in the original script all cared... Where he asks the mental hospital clerk to look up his mom s... A couple of bullets, hmm 10th anniversary, Polygon is spending the week investigating comic-book. Is only the 'scene by scene ' general script outline and many are!

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