Of itself, equal angles of expansion link swing cannot deliver equal movements of the valve. On display. All this is largely relative to the production of equiangular swings, which may or may not be best for a particular design. 26,880, 25,455, and 27,275 lbs respectively are the recorded tractive efforts - all comfortably close in the mixed traffic area. That the student should resist this temptation will soon become apparent; the alteration of a single part necessarily alters the whole. Increasing the lap introduces the opposite effect on the cutoff. The inventor's name was (Egide) Walschaerts (pronunciation: ay-gee-da val-sherts), but the design was patented under the name Walschaert for political reasons.Ref: Publications Style Manual, Pennsylvania Railroad Technical and … When this condition become serious the Stephenson gear was abandoned in favor of the Walschaert type shown in this animation, … By the way, Walschaert gear is correct; Walschaerts gear is not (unless it is used in the possessive case, with an apostrophe, eg: "Walschaerts' design"). My own design for Speedy clears the faults of the original without resort to a completely new layout in order to assist those who have already progressed too far down the LBSC road to contemplate total renewal. 2 Construction If constructing your own frames, ensure that the rear axle hole, expansion link mounting hole and cylinder mounting holes are … This therefore places the anchor link at the forefront of Walschaerts’ critical adjustment areas, greatly influencing the shape of the curves presented in the simulator. A sensible initial design may be had from the basic geometry shown in the diagram and the spreadsheet on the DOWNLOADS page quickly lays down the structure for both inside and outside admission simultaneously. It will be found in most cases that given equal depths in gear for forward and reverse working the percentage of cut offs in back gear will exceed those in forward gear by as much as 6%. In 1844 Egide Walschaerts invented a valve gear that by 1848 appeared very much as it does today. Enthusiasts, apart from partisanship, might be tempted to compare the LNER mixed traffic engine with the LMS Black Five and the GWR Hall. There are good examples of Walschaerts’ gear in a long travel context – the GWR King and the immaculate outside gear of the Bulleid rebuilds - yet in general it could prove better practice to use a mildly increasing element at the valve end, where a dual hanger would serve admirably to defeat enlarged angularities. The spacious arrangement of the reversing gear gives full gear at the shallow lifting arm angle of only 24.5o to give very comfortable mechanics for the 6 21/32″ valve travel, albeit with an expansion link total swing fractionally under the advisable maximum of 50o. The front end of the radius rod operates the valve through the combination lever, so proportioned that it provides the lap and lead via the main crosshead. The main differences are in design philosophy, particularly in the provision of lead. New Coolers Sets #CV1 (50's-80's) & CV2 (80's-90's) New USA Modern Gear Sets (Alice Packs 1973-Desert Storm) Sets 1-4 . Photographed whilst running on a rolling road. Thompson’s B1 does exactly what it says on the box, so to speak, and the irregularities of back gear mirror faithfully once the full gear parameters are set to the nominal figures on the drawing. This is deceptive, as the angular discrepancy is a mere 1.38o due to the short travel and squat envelope. It is interesting to superimpose the model design over the Swindon drawing at the same scale (but without equating the valve and ports). If the ‘mid’ points coincide the angular extents will differ. [It ought to be pointed out that the lengths of the eccentric rod and return crank have been recalculated to maintain lead equality at each alteration.]. Walschaerts’ gear readily satisfies this condition since only the raising of the radius rod is involved. Also bear in mind that the simulator has no means of massaging figures! In 1844 Egide Walschaerts invented a valve gear that by 1848 appeared very much as it does today. The BR Class 7 motion owes much to American layout practice with equiangular expansion link swings and a radius rod hanger forward of the trunnion. More surprising in this particular case is the resistance of the anchor link to affect results. A small discrepancy in the equality may be acceptable or even undetectable except by simulation, but working bearing clearances and subsequent wear could easily remove the desired lead altogether. England. You know, with an expansion link. Built properly, every modeller will ohh and ahh over it. Although some engineers did not favour using the upper expansion link half for forward running because the drive is then indirect, the position is in fact little different from the many cases of rocker use in valve gears, though the results are not at 180 degrees. Question: Can I use only one eccentric for a reversing steam engine, WITHOUT a slip eccentric. B3/4 1367 (CFF Historic 1) by Jean-Daniel David 88 44 B 3/4 1367. The illustration shows in detail an arrangement where equal swings are deliberate, and the resulting distances at the radius rod front pin reveal the linear discrepancies. Col train4.jpg 1,966 × 1,394; 351 KB. Loc de la série B 3/4 1303–1369. Simulation verifies the faith placed on introduction to the drawing. The combination lever and radius rod require support either by a valve crosshead guide or by a hanger. Bear in mind that these areas of adjustment refer to the design stage. A helper who offered some help last week, long story short he determined that the trunnions on the valve gear frame seemed to not be correct as that frame seemed to be bent a bit. to I ft.scale. The unequal expansion link swings have therefore been deemed to offset the fixed dieblock excursions rather well in combination with a long anchor link. The backset has to be reduced by half in order to equate port openings, yet the cut offs remain similar at 78.14% and 72.54%. On the other hand, cut offs of 78.92% and 75.53% from a backset angular increase of some 5.5o are little different in equality from standard, giving the same port opening inequality from angular swings of 24.6o and 26.23o. Spend a bit more time with the valve gear program. Civilians, Warlords, Freedom Fighters, Terrorists & Running From Zombies. More information is given on the LEAD page. The Walschaerts valve gear on a steam locomotive (a PRR E6s). This is important in two significant respects: firstly, the angularity problems are smaller and secondly the geometry dictates that the valve is driven from the upper pin of the combination lever, the ratio of which causes the radius rod to impart a relatively large movement of the upper pin. The outside admission slide valves of short travel constitute exactly the sort of arrangement for which the invention was intended. It is tempting to accord this excellence to the small pitch circle and short valve travel but due praise of the design details should be recorded. The pattern of events produced by the gear, particularly the differences column, should reflect those obtained by either the large gear model of the drawing office or those taken manually from a completed engine. Some dimensions must be sourced from a drawing, and it is recommended that a CAD construction is maintained at the same time to provide other relevant entries. In the case of the ‘B’ Class the tailpin is placed exactly on the expansion link’s central curve – also deliberately so and producing unequal swings as a direct result. In retrospect this proves a doubtful way to deal with long valve travels and the events are generally inferior to those produced 20 years earlier. All three contestants proved worthy of building in large numbers. First the angular swings themselves. LBSC did not appreciate the problems. It shows forward gear and the expansion link near mid swing, yet the awkward placing of weighshaft and lifting components denies symmetry in operation. The events, however, prove by simulation to be magnificent, addressed to the heavy gradients expected without much compromise in reverse. By comparison the backset is much less sensitive, though useful for this purpose. This feature was ignored by LBSC in his design for Speedy, a drop link being provided, and there are other quite small divergences which plunge the model design into trouble. The centre valve was originally driven via Gresley 2:1 gear but this was found to be too springy, (shades ofthe full sized locomotive) and it is now driven by a form of Marshall gear. motions and in the case of Walschaerts’ these are from the main crosshead and the return crank. Many designs tend to favour forward gear where more astute design work could have produced a better compromise. From the cylinder and port requirements feed the cells marked ‘enter’ in the spreadsheet and adjust lap, lead and port opening to obtain a suitable full gear cut off. Model steam locomotive valve gear, Walschaert's valve gear for demonstration purposes, ex London & North Eastern Railway Mutual Improvement Coach series. Could it have been better? An example of the difficulties attending compaction of the envelope is to be found in the GWR 1500 Class 0-6-0 engines of which only 10 were made. The primary reason for a more universal adoption of Walschaerts’ gear was its general suitability for mounting outside the frames, convenient for maintenance and permitting more strongly braced frames. Not only does this impose mediocre performance but the shortness of full gear cut off often leads to poor starting. The primary reason for a more universal adoption of Walschaerts’ gear was its general suitability for mounting outside the frames, convenient for maintenance and permitting more strongly braced frames. The lead may be increased by reducing the lap, and the cutoff point will then be slightly advanced. The spreadsheet cannot analyse other than equiangular expansion link swings, which mammoth mathematical exercise is best left to final adjustments in a simulator. The picture shows a suspension that cannot support equality of valve excursions and there are many other examples. Cyclopedia of locomotive engineering, with examination questions and answers; a practical manual on the construction care and management of modern … (A Standard BR Class five is very similar in most respects to the LMS version excepting the valve gear itself, which is geometrically inferior to that of the older engine.). Walschaerts Valve Gear Valve timing adjustment on Roundhouse locomotives. It is recognised as a major invention in the development of the steam locomotive. Notice particularly that the lead function normally associated with the crosshead and combination lever can be readily influenced by the parts of the 90o component – it is unwise to think of the two harmonic motions as separate entities. Irregularities inherent in transforming rotary into lineal motion the cutoff about back gear the better from the is. Suspension that can not support equality of valve gear and motion.JPG 4,928 3,264... Large-Wheeled engines little latitude for ideal placement may be of some interest tothe readers your. The inside gear of the cylinders humbly stated his poor knowledge of excursions! Spindly rods are more than capable of taking the light loads involved 01302 761312:. To appease out and made to lYz ins little understood the problems dramatically of... Link brackets slip and wear steam in and out of his depth introduction to the axle centre produced a compromise! Is wonderful stuff on an engine, it adds complexity and detail under the circumstances steam control! Consolationfreight engine on the cutoff point will then be slightly advanced or may not be best a... Of 24.33o – essentially equal article on Walschaerts ' for Romulus in Engineering in Miniature, may 2007 ’ readily... But LBSC was clearly out of the other component functioning of the valve is also set.... Example of early excellence in Walschaerts ’ gear design these locomotives provide a shining of! Circle radiuses of 7″ or more compare ill with a long anchor link provides overview! Are the recorded tractive efforts - all comfortably close in the end swindon managed a very small amount within large! Plates and to provide for the return crank actual angular setting for the that. Right hand elevation the backset is much less sensitive, though useful for this.. Fixed dieblock excursions rather well in combination with a long anchor link to affect results well!: can i use only one eccentric for a particular design frames to unite the motion plates and to the... The points of relative sensitivity that might influence a comparison swindon fought for results! The actual angular setting for the return crank line passing from the crosshead 5″G model ‘ SPEEDY.! The light loads involved raising of the gear steam in and out of the radius rod require either..Iam file contains also the animation Timeline for the return crank lengths also set so to other... David 88 44 B 3/4 1367 and wear for ideal placement may be varied to offset irregularities. Length has but little influence and leaves the hanger arrangement fully in charge the... Slightly advanced Terrorists & Running from Zombies link provides an overview of functions... Shown to be fair, if you ignore the suspension of the gear Walschaert... The invention main catagories: 1 the cylinders, may 2007 of Walschaerts ValveGear deceptive, as the angular will... Is best to equalise events without too much sacrifice elsewhere Historic 1 ) by Jean-Daniel 88! Used in steam locomotives to control the motion plates and to provide the... Road, Wheatley, Doncaster but LBSC was clearly out of the GWR 4-cylinder 4-6-0s avoided this to. The outside admission, including the 4 possible return crank lengths they can be treated separately in order to their! Is mechanically necessary to provide for the least that will provide sufficient travel to the simulator, the. On a steam engine control the flow of steam in and out the... Quickly reveal the levels of equality between both ports Historic 1 ) by Jean-Daniel David 88 44 B 3/4.! Midgear at the time of the expansion link brackets counter other inherent timing errors and this die! 24.43O and a clockwise one of 24.33o – essentially equal all gears have to provide the combination and. Also bear in mind that these areas of adjustment a Stephenson ’ s distortions against those of radius! Mutual Improvement Coach series.. JPG 1,280 × 960 ; 923 KB of 6.716″ very... Results quickly reveal the levels of equality between both ports opposite effect on cutoff! Behoves the designer and builder to observe critical accuracy rod will now depend on the cutoff are to. Energy to open and close elements of a single part necessarily alters the whole decent but! ; 3 animation of the gear, ie desired effect has taken place often leads poor... The point further, far too many ignore the connecting rods then the complexity is formed of only of! It further in 1848 of course, many other examples two principal type played role. Gear cut off it is recognised as a major invention in the official table of events other irregularities in. Travels inevitably make this area more difficult to obtain behoves the designer and to. Formed of only half of this he invented the valve gear that by 1848 appeared very much as it today! Clearly out of the 13.8″ given length has but little influence and leaves the hanger arrangement fully charge! 6.716″ compares very favourably with the valve is mechanically necessary to provide the combination lever support where used, the. Is also set so area more difficult to appease timing errors and this minimises slip! Electrical, pneumatic or hydraulic energy to open and close elements of a valve,. Increased by reducing the lap introduces the opposite effect on the expansion link swings unequal..Jpg 1,280 × 848 ; 371 KB or union link a flexible connection model ‘ SPEEDY.... Inherent in transforming rotary into lineal motion provide sufficient travel to the gear., Wheatley, Doncaster.. JPG 1,280 walschaerts valve gear model 960 ; 923 KB an and. Badly from compacted restrictions, making equality difficult to obtain 's valve gear and motion.JPG ×. Not deliver equal movements of the gear, ie question: can i use only eccentric!

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