Sun Postpaid has a new offering for those people who wants to have a full control of their mobile spend. Learn more Sun fixed load plan 300 VPN: Work safely & anonymously You is well advised, sun fixed load plan 300 VPN to test, of which we are Convinced. Sun FLP 300 is an affordable all-in-one postpaid plan that lets you enjoy unli trinet calls, unli all-net texts, and free FB and Viber for only 300 Pesos per month, what more can you ask for. Sun Cellular’s Fixed Load Plan is available for postpaid subscribers at different price points and unlimited service options tailored to fit your budget and lifestyle. Add-on Details. This offer is open to all active Sun Prepaid and Fixed Load Plan (FLP) subscribers except subscribers who are overseas, on roaming, and on postpaid plans. Smart Infinity enables you to elevate your mobile and lifestyle experiences anytime and anywhere with 5G-ready phones and plans. My Sun provides you the latest update on your balances and call, text, data subscriptions. Sun Big Time Data 150 promo is best enjoyed with Sun LTE SIM, together with an LTE device like LTE smartphones, Sun Pocket WiFi, or Sun Broadband Plug-it device.Experience fast internet speeds of up to 50MBPS when you have a good signal reception. The price of Sun Internet promos ranges from a very cheap amount of 5 Pesos up to a maximum amount of 999 Pesos, which is still a … Requires 50 Pesos load. To know more about Sun Cellular Fixed Loan Plan 300, read Sun Postpaid FAQs. Here is the list of Unli Call and Unli Text plus internet (data) promos offered by Sun Cellular network to all its subscribers across the Philippines for the year 2021. Smart Enterprise Postpaid plans allow you to boost employee productivity while maintaining operational efficiency with the capabilities of 5G. This offer is also available to Sun Fixed Load Plan (FLP) subscribers except those who are overseas, on roaming, and on postpaid plans. Sun Fixed Load Plan 300 will give you unlimited calls to Sun, Smart and Talk N Text (TNT) and unlimited texts to all network every month. On top of that, Sun Fixed Load Plan 300 will allow you to browse Facebook with images and videos for free. If a Means sun well Effect shows how sun fixed load plan 300 VPN, is it often after a short time from the market disappear, because the fact, that Means on natural Base such Convincing are, is for the competition unpleasant. Good news! To register, text EDATA100 to 247. 2000MB or 2GB of mobile internet data Requires 100 Pesos load. **FLP 150 Add-on plan is regularly offered only to subscribers with the following plans: Regular Plans: 350, 600 Group PLans: 699, 899, 999 / Sun Broadband Wireless Regular Plans: 350, 799, 1399 / Elite Plans: 1500, 2500, 3500 / Call and Surf Plan 999. Current Fixed Load Plan 350 subscribes CANNOT avail of FLP150 Add-on. By continuing to view our site, you consent to our use of cookies. Work faster and smart when you level up to 5G. Now you can load your Sun Prepaid, Fixed Load Plan and Easyline with Security Bank! Extra Data 100. Just enroll your account to Security Bank’s Internet Banking by logging on to to making loading a lot easier! Sun Cellular Prepaid offers not only affordable unli call and text promos but also a variety of affordable internet or mobile data promos. *Open to new subscriptions only. View your Billing Statements Subscribe to eStatements and easily access your bills anywhere, anytime. All active Sun Prepaid (including Fixed Load Plan or FLP) subscribers may avail WAIS100 and WAIS200 and is available in Philippines nationwide. With Sun Big Time Data 150, you can get 2.5 GB mobile data plus unlimited all net texts and 30 minutes of Sun calls valid for 15 days for only 150 pesos. Digitel Mobile Philippines, Inc. uses cookies to give you the best experience on our website. Sun Internet promos like Giga and Giga Pro can be easily registered with the new GigaLife app.

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